NAMELESS – Dirge – DigiA5 CD


Melodic Death Doom Metal band formed in Cali – Colombia, 1992.

Uno de los mejores exponentes del genero en Colombia.

«NAMELESS had to face the fact that their lead singer died in a tragic accident in July 1998 and consequently the band entered an understandable catatonic state for the next two years after this tragedy. The year 2000 saw the band signing to Insane Records and recording at last their debut album “Dirge” but once again the black clouds arose on top of NAMELESS when their bass-player passed away before the album was actually released! The band nevertheless has had the strength to move on after so much grief overshadowed their musical activity and therefor deserves my full respect! .

“Dirge” includes 9 (one song being taken from their demo tape) somewhat rough and all the way melancholic, dark Death Metal songs, mostly midpaced and with a vocalist that sometimes reminds me on Tompa Lindberg of AT THE GATES at their “The Red In The Sky Is Ours” days. There is some melodic approach in the guitar riffs here and there with a vibe of Chuck Schuldiner’s DEATH [very clearly on the song from the demo, ‘Anguish (From Beyond)’], but the depressive general atmosphere with some epic feel in the vein of old ANATHEMA and some MY DYING BRIDE tends to be the most dominant musical effort here. Unfortunately, the songwriting isn’t always very direct and powerful, so that most of the songs are longer than 6 minutes each, which makes a full spin of the disc to quite a challenge. Anyway, in case you appreciate the exotic type of sombre Doom and Death Metal, you should be happy about this release» Info from:



Nameless – Dirge
Tipo: Full-length
Fecha de Lanzamiento: 2001

Re ediciòn: 2021
Formato: CD A5
Sello: Sylphorium Records+ Green revolution


  1. Intro Cry
  2. Despair
  3. Nameless (Buried Alive)
  4. The Hate
  5. Deepsoulation
  6. Defeat
  7. The Dirge
  8. Endless (Pain)
  9. Anguish (From Beyond)
  10. Anguish (From Beyond) – Live extra bonus
  11. The remembrance – Live extra bonus



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